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Solution Selling workshops for the remainder of 2017

Below is our remaining 2017 schedule of “open” Solution Selling® workshops, including the following upcoming sessions: Madrid, Spain: September 12-14 Brussels, Belgium: September 19-21 Charlotte, NC: September 26-28 Milton-Keynes, UK: October 10-12 Paris, France: October 17-19 Brussels, Belgium: November 7-9 Charlotte, NC: November 28-30 Milton-Keynes, UK: December 5-7 If you are interested in learning more about how you or your company could benefit […]

LinkedIn Article: Is “process” a dirty word when it comes to sales?

a LinkedIn article written by Phil McCrory   Picture this scenario: A sales leader asks a sales rep, as well as those supporting the rep, the status of an important opportunity in their sales pipeline. Everyone on the team gives the sales leader different perspectives, ranging from “everything is set to close before the end […]

LinkedIn Article: Have Salespeople Lost Something?

A LinkedIn article written by Phil McCrory A sales executive told me recently that his team had lost the ability to speak the language of the businesses that they were targeting. He kept hearing from both clients and prospects that salespeople “don’t understand my business.” Instead, they are more focused on the business of things—meaning what […]

SPI Launches SPI-1, Revolutionizing Sales Talent Development and Enablement

We are very excited to announce the launch of SPI-1, a revolutionary sales performance improvement platform for developing and enabling sales talent. SPI-1 incorporates four integrated modules — competency library and talent assessments, a complete sales training curriculum and adaptive learning system, sales process playbooks, and sales talent analytics. The solution identifies developmental needs that […]

McKinsey article on unlocking growth in your largest accounts

Below is a link to an excellent article published by McKinsey & Company that is based on a survey that they conducted of 1,000 large buyers across multiple industries – How to unlock growth in largest accounts.  For example, their survey suggests that the sophistication & power of procurement will continue to increase as buyers […]

Client achieves 350% ROI by changing their dialogues w/ customers

An interesting white paper that outlines an approach that helped to identify a client’s critical sales competencies that while generally weak, were critical to achieving their aggressive business goals.  Once identified, we then helped our client embark on a program to help their salespeople master 3 core competencies (in this case, demand creation, value selling and consultative dialogue).   […]

White Paper- The World of Buyer 2.0 is Here… is Your Sales Organization Adapting?

Download 2 White Papers on the world of Buyer 2.0. In Part 1, The New Buyer Landscape, we explore the new buyer landscape – the world of Buyer 2.0. In this rapidly evolving environment, buyers’ have unprecedented access to information and are less reliant on sellers to lead them through their buying process. In many […]

Magic Words: “They are lucky to have you!”

It should be the goal of any salesperson or account manager to leverage their work with an existing client as a way to get introductions to others within the same company and/or with prospects. In fact, requesting introductions from your clients and/or network can be a simple & low cost/high value “get” when they are […]

The Collaborative Sale, a new book about the buyer-driven world

Buyer behavior has changed the marketplace, and sellers must adapt to survive. The Collaborative Sale: Solution Selling in a buyer-driven world is the definitive guide to the new realities of sales. The roles of buyers, sellers & technology have changed, and collaboration is the key to success on all sides. Learn more: